Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bangin Fish Tacos in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina. The Queen City, Home to Carowinds[], the US. National Whitewater Center[] the Charlotte Bobcats(soon to be Hornets...again), the Carolina Panthers, NASCAR, last years Democratic National Convention and some pretty good food too. The misses and I were in town visiting family and figured this was to perfect time to go on another restaurant treasure hunt. Her sister, home from college can be a real house body but we convinced her to come along for the ride. 

So we're driving on University and there's nothing but chains. Nothing special about that, I can eat there at home. We took a left on Tryon St., again nothing but chains. Nothing against them but I was looking for a place unique. I don't know why but I decided to take a random left turn on 36th St. I'm glad I did because shortly afterward  I knew I had found our destination. 

The lucky winner of our green backs today? NoDa, Charlotte’s historic arts and entertainment district. There were plenty of unique shops, restaurants, live music avenues, plus I'm a artsy guy and NoDa was giving me good vibes. There were a lot of options in the area but we finally decided on a place. 

Cabo Fish Taco. It was packed but it didn't take us long to find some seats. Neither one of us had ever had a fish taco but the place was packed so they had to be good. I decided to get the BBQ Mahi Tacos, the misses went with the Honey Wasabi Wahoo Burrito, and miss play it safe went with the South West Chicken wrap....-__-.  They gave us a big bowl of salsa and chips why we waited for our meal. Moments later the main attraction had arrived. 

The moment of truth had arrived, I took my first bite. It was delicious. The fish its self was cooked and seasoned to perfection, the tomatoes, cilantro white sauce, and avocado gave it a freshness, the barbecue sauce and slaw added a one, two, flavor knock out combo. I completely smashed my plate. You ever find your self eating so fast that you have to look around and make sure nobodies looking at the barbaric way you are eating? That was me that day. The ladies cleaned their plates also, so I can guestimate they enjoyed their meals as well. Our meal was the type of meal that leaves you satisfied with out feeling all bloated afterward. 

We left that day with a brand new food/chill spot. Cabo Fish Taco definitely earned our letters of recommendation. If you are ever in the Charlotte area, head on over to NoDa and give it a try.

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